Servicing Australia wide, Walk Out Gear is owned and operated in Alice Spring Northern Territory Australia. Our mission is to ease the pressure placed on members within Associations, Clubs, Teams, Groups and Athletes when it comes to merchandise and apparel. We endeavour to provide quality services and products on demand all year round.

Walk Out Gear offers a platform for anyone to put there murchandise online available for anyone to purchase day or night, 365 days a year and have it delivered to their door.

What are the benefits of having Walk Out Gear handle your merchandise.

  • Raising funds for an initial large purchase is no longer an issue.
  • There will be no need to find somewhere to store all your merchandise.
  • There will be no more tracking of who has paid and who hasn’t.
  • Obtaining everyone’s sizes or guessing order amount of different sizes is no longer a process you have to go through.  
  • No more waiting on the next bulk order as new members can hope online and order what they may need.
  • Instead of loosing money with unsold stock, you will have continued fund raising occurring with each purchase.
  • Your organisation will have a diverse range of merchandise available.
  • You will open your club up to offer merchandise not only just for its member, for fans, family and friends to purchase in support of your club.
  • Sponsors of your club will have additional exposure on the website and you will have the ability to add new or remove old sponsors on merchandise with ease.

Check out our product range in the menu or look through the merchandise of others to see what items you would like to have your brand, club colours and logo on.

Contact Sam Hanzel on 0421 960 282 or email us at info@walkoutgear.com